We Have Excellent Commercial Anti Fog Films Available for Your Windows

Tint Solutions is a recognized window film installation company in Tennessee. Hotels, gyms, and restaurants all benefit from our window films. We are a devoted crew of window film technicians; thus, we never take shortcuts. If you are not satisfied with the performance, we will work hard to satisfy your needs. We have extensive experience in the window film market, so we can advise you if you are unsure which coating is appropriate for your organization.

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The Advantages of Installing Anti-Fog Window Film

It's anti-abrasion

A window with an anti-fog covering will have a thick wear resistance layer. The aesthetic of a window is very important in the business sector.

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It Enhances Visibility

An anti-fog film is a worthwhile decision for a commercial fridge with a glass panel. If a coating of fog accumulates on the front door panels of your kitchen, our anti-fog window film could provide vision.

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In Harsh Environments, there is No Fogging

Even in the harshest conditions, a window fog coating will keep your windows from fogging up. Because of its unique manufacturing, this style of window film will never be harmed by extreme temperatures or high humidity.

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It Has Excellent Anti-Fogging Qualities

Our coatings outperform the competition. We use those with robust anti-fog features that do not deteriorate over time. A generic one will most certainly fail after being exposed to water, and a cheap film will deteriorate its value if it is wiped frequently.

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Our Anti-Fog Window Coatings Can Uplift the Feeling in Gyms, Restaurants, and Hotels

For a variety of reasons, anti-fog window coatings are beneficial in gyms. If you are a personal trainer, our films can help you clean your mirrors during every exercise. Likewise, anti-window finishes can be used in the change room to prevent fog of the mirror.

When a film is installed on the glass panel of a refrigerated vending machine, the glazed area remains clear for clients. Long after the temperatures decrease, our coating will remain clear.

Our anti-fog films benefit businesses in a variety of ways.

We frequently install coatings:


To keep the mist off the mirrors in washrooms


To repel dampness off of windows in suites


To avoid fogging on cold glass panels in restaurants

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Reasons Commercial Anti-Fog Windows Films Are Perfect Assets


Easy to Maintain:

Window film is simple to maintain. Any glass cleaner with an ammonia-free recipe can be used to clean it. Although no care is required for the film to function correctly, several procedures can be taken to keep it looking new for many years. You can use silicone polish on interior films of our windows now and then give them a lustrous sheen. This will help protect the surface from accidental scratches or burnishing.


All fog films for windows are compliant with the most recent environmental regulations.

Tough and long-lasting:

The film’s stoutness makes it resistant to chemicals and UV. Window film can endure up to 20 years in the appropriate conditions. A variety of factors influence durability.


The sun’s intense heat will not harm a fog film. Unlike other films, a coating will never become yellow if exposed to direct sunshine for several hours.

Overall, window films are an excellent investment for your corporation. It safeguards your assets, is easy to maintain, tough and long-lasting, and does a slew of other things that can boost your company’s productivity and more.

As a result, when looking for window films, make sure to choose one that meets your requirements. This means that if you want to protect your windows with powerful window films, you should look for them. Choose options with a design you like if you’re after something more visually pleasant. Additionally, make sure experts install the films. It will save you a lot of time and resources if you do it all at once, with everything sticking where it should for as long as feasible.

Tint Solutions is a leading provider of anti-fog window film. If you’re looking for commercial anti-fog window installation services in Tennessee, contact our customer service team now at our official website. Everything you need will be explained and delivered to you within the agreed period.

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The Benefits Of Freezer Doors

Our anti-fog films provide excellent performance in both humid and high-temperature environments. This film can be used on various surfaces, including commercial freezer doors. The unique film has high tensile strength and increased impact resistance. Likewise, it is a multipurpose anti-fog treatment that works in various weather conditions, including cold and hot.

Our films save a lot of energy because of the following:


Fog will not form on non-heated freezer doors.


They will reduce the amount of energy used by a freezer daily.


Lessen the impact of momentary fogging on freezer doors that have been heated.


Increase the compressor's longevity in a freezer.


Reduce the expense of running a freezer daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of our customers’ common questions to inquire about our commercial anti-fog films.

All the answers for each query are given below:

Why are There Levels or Percentages in a Anti-Fog Film?

The light conductivity of a film is measured in percentages. This figure is important if you intend to install window films that allow light to enter a structure. A film with a more excellent ratio will allow light into your facility. However, if you want it darker, need a lesser transmission coating.

Is it Practical to Correct a Film?

There will be no method for treating a panel that has been improved with a window film if it is accidentally damaged. Nevertheless, you can get a new film to substitute the destroyed one. If it only has minor scratches, you could replace it with a new one over it.

What Causes a Film to Have a Foggy Appearance?

When a layer of dampness is jammed between a covering and the glass after placement, the window film will seem blurry or clumpy. As the film settles on the glass, this look usually fades. Based on the film, the overall curing time differs. Some films will be completed in a matter of days, while others will take several months. A cloudy glass panel will have excellent brilliance once all of the water has evaporated.

What is The Best Place to Put Films on a Window?

Normally, window films are applied to the inside of a glass panel. This approach shields a film from the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Is it Possible to Use a Window Film to Keep the Glass from Shattering?

A window film will not protect a shattered panel. It can, however, keep some of the fragments together.
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Advantages of Trusting Our Services In Tenneesee


Military discount:

We will give you a great rate on our window films if you are an active or former military officer.

Steady Recommendations:

We have a lot of satisfied clients and positive ratings; therefore, we get a lot of referrals. You will realize why our company has a 95% referral rate when using our solutions.

A Permanent Guarantee:

Tint Solution’s high-quality commercial anti fog films are often covered by a lifetime warranty against every defect or function failure. There are several window films in today’s market that come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Professional Setup:

Our implementation team includes the greatest installers in the country.
Many enterprises in Tennessee benefit from our anti-fog films. If you do not have them for your cafe, gym, or hotel, you should also try our items. We have one purpose in mind during commercial anti fog films installment jobs: to safeguard what counts more.

There will be no disappointments if you purchase window film from us because we will provide you with a quote. Contact us today to have our fog window films enhance your windows or panels.

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You’ll see why Tint Solutions has a 95% referral rate.

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