Your Premium Choice for Commercial Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Graffiti is a pretty common and costly problem. Replacing glass victimized by graffiti is expensive, but it’s avoidable by hiring our anti-graffiti window film specialists at Tint Solutions Tennessee.

Get rid of unwanted graffiti from your surfaces by just peeling off the film. With Tint Solutions Tennessee, your beautiful surfaces are always safe from the costly and time-wasting repairs required after your property becomes a victim of vandalism.

Once graffiti or other kinds of vandalism reaches your commercial property, you won’t like it if your business’ image suffers. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Thankfully, we offer an effortless solution to remove spray paintings in case hooligans target your property.

It is an easy-to-install and effective protective layer. You can be sure to remove awful graffiti from your property’s surface in minutes. The best part? Expect to find no permanent damage left behind. This allows you to save on time and the cost of cleaning your surfaces.

You can be sure of having an easy time and saving on expensive clean-ups. Besides, you will sleep peacefully without worrying about one day waking up to find your commercial property defaced with disgusting graffiti.

With our easy to install anti-graffiti window film, your property gets a durable layer of protection. Our anti-graffiti window film can offer quick and reliable protection to the glass and other surfaces. Call us today for a free quote.

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Our anti-graffiti film in Tennessee is versatile. It has a unique design ideal for smooth exterior surfaces made of mirrors, glass, marble, stainless steel, and other materials. Under normal circumstances, removing graffiti from natural and untreated surfaces like glass can be difficult.

Thankfully, our anti-graffiti film in Tennessee is an excellent solution. The film is an expertly manufactured layer of protection. So it can remove markings and paint using simple home-based window cleaning products, giving you an easy time to return the surface to its initial state with little struggle.

The anti-graffiti film we use has a quick-release adhesive that allows easier film removal without leaving any mess behind. It is also durable, meaning that you will enjoy a lifelong hassle-free graffiti removal.

Our film experts in Tennessee will remove the spray-painting with ease and replace it with the one you desire in no time. So you can say goodbye to waiting for hours of renovation every time your business image suffers from vandalism.

With our anti-graffiti window film, you can always keep your brand and professional image. This will help attract high quantity and quality customers.

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At Tint Solutions Tennessee, you’ll find our anti-graffiti window film installation experts careful and respectful. We operate silently with very minimal disruptions. That’s why we are a go-to solution for commercial sites such as schools, office buildings, banks, shopping malls, correctional facilities, etc.

We conduct each step of the installation process consciously. In addition, we use the right tools and materials to ensure excellent clean-up results. We are pretty flexible, meaning we’ll fit your schedule. Expect to continue your daily operations as we create minimal disruption.

How We Install the Film

Our installation experts will start by cleaning the surfaces using soap and water. After that, they’ll wipe the extra moisture left on the surfaces using soft towels. Then they’ll measure and cut the anti-graffiti film. By then, the surface will be dry and ready for installation.

The surface will stick to the anti-graffiti’s adhesive side. After that, the installers will remove excess moisture using the squeegee and flatten the film using the hard cord. It can take several months for the water bubbles in the film to disappear and dry thoroughly. But you’ll realize how it is easy to use and offer you optimum protection right after installation.

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Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with our reliable film:


Optimum Protection Against Damage from Graffiti

With our anti-graffiti window film, you can rest assured that your smooth exterior surfaces will be safe from street taggers. The film offers transparent protection that allows for effortless and fast clean-ups. You’ll forget all the struggles of erasing graffiti!

Maintain Your Brand’s Image

Our film has an optically clear appearance, making it invisible to the naked eye. In other words, it is only you who will know the film is there. As a result, the film is ideal for use on your property’s front sides or other areas that need a view from two sides of the coating. Besides, the film can be a great weapon to effectively protect your commercial property and preserve your brand’s professional image.

Incredible Protection against Scratch

The film features a thick crystal-clear layer of coating. Therefore, the film can absorb abrasions and scratches, providing your glass or stainless surface underneath with excellent protection from damage for more extended periods.

Shield against UV Rays

When exposed to ultra-violet radiation over long period of time, they can cause damage to delicate surfaces. Our film will offer an amazing shield against these harmful rays. They provide 95 to 99% protection against ultra-violet rays. This will extend your exterior surfaces’ lifespan.

Easy to Remove Paint

Once you’re ready to give your exterior surfaces a new, fresh, and attractive look, peel off the film to enjoy an effortless paint-removal process you’ve never seen!

Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

Keeping a graffiti-free zone at your signs, storefront, doors, mirrors, elevators, and other areas is important. With our anti-graffiti film, you will never worry about hooligans who like to draw graffiti, etching, and scratching on your property’s exterior surfaces. That’s because the film is durable and resistant to any damage.
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Where can the Anti-graffiti Film Be Used?

Tint Solutions Tennessee offers quality and reliable anti-graffiti window films for smooth exterior surfaces of commercial properties. Our experts can install it on mirrors, stainless steel, or glass surfaces. If your commercial property is along with the areas that receive high traffic, we advise you to protect all of your property’s exterior surfaces.

Are there water bubbles visible on the anti-graffiti film?

You will see some water bubbles on the film, especially at the initial installation stage. But don’t worry, as this is typically a normal part of the film’s drying process. The remaining moisture gets trapped underneath the film resulting in these bubbles. But it will evaporate once the drying period ends.

Sometimes, the moisture on the film may evaporate entirely after about 60 days. It would help if you did not press or touch the moisture as this may extend the drying process of the film and most likely damage it. If you have any questions regarding this issue, our film crew will answer them and provide detailed instructions.

Is there a lot of noise during film installation?

Installing the anti-graffiti isn’t quite loud. In fact, our crew can install it on commercial sites such as schools, office buildings, banks, shopping malls, correctional facilities, etc.

However, removing the film for replacement may be noisy. But our professional and highly-trained installers have the skills and practical tools to remove and replace the film the best way with less disruption.

Tint Solution Tennessee takes your business interests seriously. As such, we will schedule our visit at the most convenient time to allow you to finish the work as silently as possible.

Feel free to share with us your concerns, and our experts will do their best to suit your needs.

Do I need to clean the surface after film installation?

No! Our professional installers will protect your walls, furnishings, and floors using drop cloths to ensure that the soap and water solution used during the installation doesn’t fall on anything.

Besides, we will eliminate all the trash and organize your space just as we found it once we finish the job. We dedicate ourselves to providing the most straightforward film installation for our customers and giving them the most fantastic experience.

Do You Allow Dual Layer Installation of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Added Protection?

Yes, you can certainly install double layers of the film on top of one another. But we highly suggest not to do so because it won’t be effective and nullifies our warranty. Dual layering will not make the exterior surfaces of your commercial property more effective. In addition, it does not work well or give your property an elegant appearance.

Upon booking a consultation with any of our anti-graffiti window professionals, we will discuss and settle your concerns. On top of that, we will offer you suitable solutions to choose from a wide range of options to fit your needs.

We have witnessed all sorts of cases, and our experts know how best to work around unique requests. We consider each of our clients as an individual, and we offer custom treatment to suit everyone’s needs. Such a customizable approach enables us to handle different commercial projects with remarkable results.

Discover how our anti-graffiti window film can change your business building appearance. Call us today and schedule your commercial property anti-graffiti film consultation!

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