Top-Grade Commercial Decorative Frost Films In Tennessee

At Tint Solutions Tennessee, we work with various industries to provide them with the best selection of commercial decorative frost films. We have performed installations for several facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, gyms, stores, and more.

Our experienced technicians ensure that the installation is done efficiently, quickly, and safely. We uphold an excellent track record servicing an expanding clientele in Tennessee. Upgrade your commercial space and enjoy the benefits of window film installations.

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Our expert technicians at Tint Solutions Tennessee will address your needs during your initial consultation to provide you with the best options in our inventory. We can install the following:

Matte Frost Decorative Window Films:

This film is one of the most popular decorative window film choices. It allows you to modify the way light enters your commercial space.

Color Frost Decorative Window Films:

This film provides a neutral tone, increasing privacy while creating a soft ambiance.

Textured Frost Decorative Window Films:

This textured film comes in a matte frost finish and provides enhanced features. It is designed as a top-of-the-line specialty window film.

Nature Decorative Window Films:

Get in touch with nature! This film resembles beautiful landscapes, including famous landmarks, calm lakes, rolling rivers, and lush forests.

Pattern Decorative Window Films:

These films come with various patterns. Choose from lines, shapes, and other patterns. It is perfect for those that want to use geometric designs to give the space a modern and neat style.

Textile Decorative Window Films:

This textile film selection provides a sleek and soft finish. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it is also an affordable choice.

Specialty Decorative Window Films:

Add flair to your windows with colorful and artistic specialty films. This film gives the space a creative touch while blocking the view for more privacy at any time of the day.

Gradient Decorative Window Films:

This option provides elegance and simplicity. Choose from sophisticated patterns that provide effortless transitions.
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Stay Protected From Harmful UV Rays with Decorative Window Tinting

When you install window films, you will block 99.9% of UV light. Your equipment and, more importantly, your staff and clients will be protected from the damage that ultraviolet rays emit.

Improved Aesthetics

Our line of window films gives your windows an expensive etched look but at a much more economical price. Window film installations provide the same elegance as etched windows. They give your business a professional appearance that will drive customers in.

Low Maintenance Window Treatment

Decorative window films are very easy to remove. If the film has to be replaced, it easily peels off without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Privacy And Increased Safety

Frosted window films are a great option to create privacy barriers inside commercial spaces. The frosted glass window films allow you to see through them while filtering light for a more comfortable environment. Fully opaque films are perfect for cubicles and executive offices.

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There are many good reasons why we are the top window film provider in Tennessee. Our client base continues to grow because we provide the following:

Top Protection:

We specialize in keeping commercial spaces safe. We have extensive experience helping to protect large commercial buildings, government buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, and more.

Solid Trust:

Our priority has been to build trust with each client. We believe that solid relationships require honesty. Our customers see how we operate to provide the best service at affordable prices. We enjoy continual referrals from previous clients that were impressed with our service.

Driven by Results:

Our customers have a 95% referral rate, and most of our new customers are referred to us by past clients.

Reliability and Peace of Mind:

When you choose our service, you can rest assured you will receive the best service in the industry. We have a vast network of industry suppliers that provide us with the latest technology in window films. In addition, our team works with a system that allows us to provide quality and quick installations at your convenience. With one of the best lifetime warranties in the window film industry, you can feel confident when choosing our service.

Special Discounts:

If you are a retired or active military officer, we will offer special discounts to make your installation even more affordable.
Call (615)-326-6708 and ask about our military discount


Where can I expect to see the decorative films installed on glass panels?

The decorative window films are installed on the interior surface of the glass and provide a seamless finish.

Should I expect noise and disruption during the installation?

Not at all! We understand the importance of performing an installation quickly to cause the least disruption to your business. Installing window films is relatively quiet and can be scheduled during the best time for your commercial location. There may be some noise if your window has film installed that needs removal. You will hear slight noise as we peel off the old film, but it is still a quick process.

What are the best window film options for a window located in a commercial bathroom in Tennessee?

Bathrooms in commercial spaces require increased privacy. Choosing fully opaque frosted window films is the best option for commercial bathroom windows. Additionally, installing decorative window films in a location where people can admire them is also a great option to improve aesthetics in your commercial building.

Is it a good idea to install decorative window films to cover glass panels on doors?

Absolutely! Any glass panel, whether on a window, an entryway, closet doors, cabinets, are perfect for decorative window films. Whether it is a patio, office, or front door, you can use window films to provide more functionality and a decorative touch.

Are decorative films also appropriate for textured glass?

Unfortunately, window films are not appropriate for textured glass panels. The ridges on the glass do not allow the film to adhere to the textured surface properly. Our team might be able to provide suggestions for the rooms where you have textured glass panels.

What is the best method to keep decorative window films clean?

The best way to clean your decorative window films is with a non-abrasive cleaning solution. We advise using an ammonia-free cleaning formula with a soft microfiber cloth to gently remove any build-up dirt, smudges, or grease.

Can I expect to see air pockets after installing the decorative window films?

It is normal to see some bubbles after the installation. However, you should see the bubbles disappear once the residual moisture is completely gone.

What options are available for different color films and colorless models?

Our inventory includes a variety of decorative window films that come in a wide selection of colors for every taste. Some decorative window films are vividly bright colors to liven the space, while some frosted films provide warm and cool tones and have a colorless finish. Both colorful and colorless window films offer a higher level of privacy in a commercial space. At the same time, they both block harmful UV light to protect your equipment and provide a better ambiance to your patrons.

How long can I expect my window film installation to last in Tennessee?

Generally, a window film installation will last for approximately 20 to 25 years! When properly maintained, the film will remain in good condition.

The quality of the glass panel and window film, and the climate, can factor in how long the films last, but it doesn’t change their durability. Certain conditions can lower the life span of window films. Our window tinting experts can help you select the best window tint film for your location.

Does the UV protection fade after the window film has been installed for a long time?

Unfortunately, the UV coat on the window films is not permanent, but it is long-lasting. It provides long-term UV protection, lasting for approximately ten years.

Can I install a window film without the help of a professional installer?

There are certainly people who like DIY projects, but it is not recommended for window films, especially for commercial locations. Window film installers have special training to quickly and efficiently address all the challenges involved before, during, and after an installation.

As with many projects, hiring professionals to do the job is the best choice. You want the installation to be done the first time correctly.

Will I start to see tears on the decorative window films?

It is very unlikely for tears to develop on the window films, even with highly sharp objects. However, window films do have certain vulnerabilities. If you see any damage, we will quickly come out to replace your window film.

Will the view be blocked both ways by the frosted window films?

The frosted film is translucent, allowing adequate visibility. If your business operates during the day, the best option is a mirrored privacy film that will still allow a good view while providing privacy.

Our team prides itself in providing artistic finishes to all installations. At Tint Solutions Tennessee, we provide the best quality window films in the industry. We take our time with each client to ensure the installation is done with the highest level of care and craftsmanship. All of our technicians are extensively trained to provide the best skills in the industry.

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