Commercial Safety and Security Window Film Can Safeguard Your Property

Commercial safety and security film are window films created to keep your commercial property safe from undesirable external elements. Trust the security film installers of Tint Solutions Tennessee to put these in place for your peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing your belongings will have protection for their value and quality.

We are a premier service provider for security film applied to glass in the state of Tennessee. We’ve worked with many commercial establishments, including universities, schools, retail stores, restaurants, medical centers, airports, museums, government offices, hospitals, and hotels. Whether you’re looking for improved functionality with your work surfaces or you just want to protect your facility from vandalism, natural disasters, weather, intrusion, or theft, we have effective solutions designed to protect you and your property.

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Commercial Window Security Film Installation In Tennessee

Picking the best security film installation through our business is easy to do. New applications and tools make many options possible, including different materials, qualities, and colors. The big trend in commercial security and safety solutions is using an option that matches your budget and individual needs. For instance, you might choose to go with a light shade for your building interior but a darker shade for exterior windows with exposure to direct sunlight. The whole process of installing security film is simple thanks to our cutting-edge techniques employed by experienced technicians. Based on the scope of the job, the entire process might take a single day or several weeks. Call us right away to talk to one of the many experts working here!
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Residential Property Advantages to Safety and Security Window Film

The safety and security films in Tennessee we have for commercial windows are only minimally visible, yet they also cut down on glare while preventing malicious attacks and accidents. They’re intended to be put securely on both doors and windows. You can also use them to preserve an exterior view you currently enjoy or underpin any existing decor theme. We ensure our films have been engineered to last a long time thanks to heavy-duty polyester bonding that uses industrial-grade adhesives.

Prevention of Theft

Many commercial buildings in Tennessee rely on safety and security film to deter theft as a routine choice. You get unobstructed views of your exterior surroundings while also signaling to customers and employees alike that you value their security and well-being.

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Enhanced Shatter Resistance

Window glasses that are security-fortified can still shatter after a high impact, but our window film is likely to hold the fragments firmly in place. Keeping pieces where they are can minimize or prevent injuries to building occupants, and it can also deter burglars from getting in.

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Prevents Accidents

Safety glass film made for windows can seriously minimize the risk that accidents present from an impact. Glass shattering can happen not just from impact but also from severe weather conditions.

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Effectively Reflects Heat

Security and safety films for windows can help reflect some of the sun’s glare and heat. That makes things more comfortable inside since there won’t be as much sunlight coming in.

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Establish Your Fashion Sense

You need great lighting anyplace you do business, and you can achieve this through window security tinting solutions. Also, you can protect your interior decor from the harm that direct sunlight might cause.

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Protection from UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays come from the sun, but they’re invisible to the human eye. However, the human body knows they’re there since they can eventually result in skin damage such as wrinkles.

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Military Discounts

We provide many different promotions and discounts to those who have served our country. We value the service of anyone in uniform, so we have specific discount programs via our website. To get more information about all this, just contact one of our customer support representatives. They’re standing by and happy to help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will safety and security film be economical on energy bills?

Yes, of course. The window safety film is designed with tinting options that can block out a lot of the excess heat your building or home might get hit with during the summer. Alternatively, it can minimize your need for interior cooling, which helps to also substantially reduce your energy bills. You can even use film like this to extend the life of any HVAC equipment you have. Think of these as an investment that pays dividends on a monthly basis. Those dividends aren’t just lower utility bills but also reduced loss due to any theft or intrusions that they prevent.

What is the best way to clean windows that have films on them?

Cleaning a window that has a safety window film is actually fairly easy. Just get a wet cloth or use a non-abrasive solution so you can wipe off dust and dirt that’s on the glass. Don’t use anything that might scratch the film, including paper towels or wipes that have wood fiber. Regular cleaning of your windows keeps the light flowing through, maintains visibility, and keeps your commercial establishment looking as professional as it should be.

Do security window films make the outside of a building appear foggy and dark?

Possibly not. We have a broad selection of security films in our stores. Some of them are transparent film, whereas others have different densities and shades. Pick the ones that suit you best based on your needs and personal preferences. If cloudy and dark is what you want, we certainly have films for that, but we also know that many commercial establishments like being able to see outdoors clearly or at least look inviting from the outside to employees and clientele alike.

Is security film available in the local market?

Technically, you can. We don’t suggest that, however. Most retail films don’t hold up to the job you need or want them to do. In fact, some of them are hard to install on your own. There are even some that have too high a price tag and just waste your money. The window films we offer are designed to last and offer you great quality for commercial windows. Couple that with professional installation thanks to skilled experts, and you can enjoy the most of these window films in terms of features, longevity, and integrity. We know the ins and outs of every film that we offer, so we can help you make a far more informed decision than you might from just going up and down the aisles of a local home improvement store.

What is the longevity of safety and security window films?

Technological advancements mean that some security films will actually last you a lifetime. Having said that, you can choose various film options just on how long you want them to remain on your windows. Certain films have warranties of a decade or more, while other options provide you protection long past their stated expiration date. If you’re leasing a building, plan on moving, or are going to sell it in the future, then consult our team to let us know what your specific timeframe is. We can match you up with something that will last at least as long as you need it to.

If I have grills or blinds, is it required to install safety or security film on my windows?

That’s a situational answer. Security films are an effective option if you want functional windows but don’t want your building interior looking like a cave. Films are also handy if you want UV protection while still letting in just the right level of sunlight through a window. Remember that while blinds might block out light, UV rays and heat might still get in and make a room uncomfortably warm and need more cooling. Also, even with grills, a window can still be shattered by a high impact, but the adherent film can keep glass together instead of falling all over the place where it might cut people.
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