Maximum Artificial Turf Protection With A Residential Turf Guard Window Film

Artificial turf is a beautiful way to transform the appearance of your yard. People who live in hot, dry areas where natural grass is difficult to maintain often choose artificial turf.

Artificial turf can, however, run into problems that natural grass does not. The biggest challenge is that it melts at high temperatures.

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Turf window film is the most effective and straightforward way to keep your turf from melting. When the artificial grass reaches 175 degrees, it usually begins to melt. The sun’s rays’ angle and direction have a lot to do with this. A residential turf guard window film eliminates window glare by scattering the sun’s light across the surface of the glass, neutralizing the total reflection.

Windows can direct sunlight directly onto artificial turf, which usually causes it to heat up twice as much as it would otherwise. Second-story windows can reflect the light at an angle that artificial turf cannot tolerate.

A residential turf guard window film prevents light and heat from reflecting glass. Instead, the light is absorbed by the shade. It also helps with thermal regulation by keeping your home cooler inside.

Consider installing window film on any window panes that have a view of your yard. Tint Solutions offers excellent window film installation performed by experienced technicians. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.

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Benefits of Window Film For Turf Protection

Although window films provide numerous advantages, the primary benefit is preventing the turf from melting. The sun reflects off of your windows as it travels across the sky. As a result, the grass becomes hotter since artificial grass tends to retain more heat.

However, these aren’t the only advantages of installing window film. There are several other reasons to use window film to protect turf that will assist you in protecting both the inside and outside of your estate.

Energy Savings

You can save money on your energy bills by adding a film to your windows. The windows not only deflect sunlight from your garden, but they also keep sunlight from heating the inside of your home or office. By working to reject ultraviolet (UV) and electromagnetic energy and better moderate indoor temperature, heat control window film is a financially sound investment that practically pays for itself.

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Furniture Protection

Heat and sunlight can cause damage to more than just your lawn. Sun exposure can cause furniture and other valuables to fade with time. However, if you use a window film with UV protection, you won’t have to worry as much about your furniture fading.

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Reduced Indoor UV Exposure

UV radiation is a component of the sun’s natural energy, which has shown to increase the risk of skin cancer in two ways: ultraviolet A (UVA), which has a longer wavelength, and ultraviolet B (UVB), which has a shorter wavelength.

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Breakage Protection

Some films are specifically developed to add security to windows even if someone tries to damage them with considerable force. Since windows with security film prevent the glass from shattering, it protects your family from fragmented sharp glass in case of breakage. When impacted, security window film retains glass fragments in place, preventing shattering and minimizing damage and injury.

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Remove Glare

With UV rays and excess sun glare reduced by up to 99 percent, you can enjoy a mild temperature without constantly worrying about the brightness or intensity of the sun. A window film will reduce glare both inside and outside of the structure.

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Increased Privacy

Window films can provide an additional layer of confidentiality to your home. You can see out the windows, but strangers on the outside can’t see in.

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Tint Solutions offers various turf shield window films for your home’s exterior glass that prevent grass from melting. Since window films are seven times more effective in thermal efficiency than regular blinds, your family can experience a better and more regulated temperature inside your home.

We provide numerous window tinting solutions that address your home window needs, including:


Window tint films


UV window films for a bright interior


Dark window films for reflection prevention and radiation absorption

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tint Solution’s turf guard window film installation process in Tennessee?

Our residential turf guard window film installation price varies depending on the scope and size of the project. As gratitude to our veterans, we offer a discounted rate for our services.

Our window film installation team has extensive industry experience and employs these proven methods to ensure your window installation is done successfully:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the window and make sure the film is laid flat and allows an even coverage
  • Cut the film according to the window’s size
    Apply the film to the window, with all air bubbles pushed out
  • With the middle section of the film flat, press outwards to the window corners
  • Trim the edges of the fil according to the window’s precise size

Where is the best place to install turf film?

With turf film’s anti-reflective qualities, they are best installed in areas where the sun’s harmful UV rays might reflect onto your artificial turf. With a residential turf guard window film, your home will be protected from reaching exceedingly high temperatures.

Since the second-story windows are closer to the sun, they can absorb and reflect more heat onto your artificial turf. With most artificial glass material’s melting point at 175 F, installing a turf guard window film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays and extreme heat from damaging your artificial turf.

Homeowners must take measures to protect their artificial turfs from UV rays. Having professionals install the proper window film for your home is a tried and true method of reducing damage from UV rays and excessive heat on artificial grass. Contact Tint Solutions for the best window film installation services in Tennessee today!

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